Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hello World!

Hello AGAIN, in fact! You are witnessing another iteration of this website. Failed film company, failed news blog, what next? Well, that's just what you saw me failing at on the internet! If you only would know what vocations I've tried, and bounced back and forth between over the years, the list is much longer. You might be going through a similar process right now. As I'm writing this, we are seeing mass unemployment at levels that haven't been seen in ninety years. Twelve years ago, was a period of turmoil that we faced similar questions about our future. At that time, was an aptly-timed movie that made its way on the screen:
"Well, anybody who ever built an empire or changed the world sat where you are right now."
I'm sure you're worried. For your future, and most likely for anyone else that's also around you. I hope anyone making a pivot in their lives, will read along as we try to pivot the direction of our blog as well. Maybe we can help each other. Best of luck to all of us!


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