Studio Set-Up: Foundation

Folks! Things are progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless. We’ve just set up our desk. The next step after this, is to get the proper equipment. New computer, monitor, lights, audio and video mixer. Here’s how it looks…
table from afar
Look at that prestine glass…
higher view of table

Notice however, the table is on jacks:
table on jacks
The idea to do that was from this set of Instructions:
But in an earthquake-prone area, this would be unstable. So, plans were held off. Until, we found these plans:

Milestone 1:

Thank you! We’ve reached an important milestone 2 days ago, by releasing our first podcast! Please check it out! Just like we said we would in our About Page, but no one reads that, so let me explain what’s in store here!

Once the proper hardware issues are fixed, we’ll spread the podcasts onto iTunes, and then Youtube. We’re taking the software programmer’s cue on the Software Release Life Cycle, and will move on in these three stages:

  1. Alpha. Usually the stage where the product is tested amongst developers. For…

State of the Blog: May-June 2014

Bit of a lull for all our blogs. We know what’s missing, and we’re working on it. There’s only so much a small group can do with so little time. Right now, the one blog that has been getting more updates is N.E.A.T. Not to ignore the other blogs, but that seems to be the one getting the most attention. Sorry, HuH? 0_o, it’s really been a while. Same goes for 華山論劍 and the China Bash. With 華山論劍, the hardest thing to do is to get…

State of the Blog: January-May 2014

This blog was lucky enough to catch Chang, Song-Thaek’s purge, right after the autumn lull. This time, we’re entering another trough, and by the time we come out, it’ll be just in time for Korea’s Crab Wars, and we’re also assuming with this year, we’ll expect to come out just in time as the continued flare-up of the May Fourth comes about. If not, with the warming weather, there’s going to be SOMETHING bound to happen.

State of the Blog: Fall 2013

This blog will be back on hiatus until December. During this time. There aren’t enough people available to help out aggregate information, and with conflicts in schedule, we have no choice. But we will return with a backlog of things in mid-December.

It’s getting cold out there. Stay warm!

Studio Lighting

We’ve been on a “Broadcast Now” marathon lately, and having watched TWiT‘s “Know How”, Epidsode 46 on how Tom Merritt sets up his studio:

What pretty much was consistent with all these guys, was that they used a lot of big, bright lights. However, staring at bright lights for extended amounts of time can’t be good for you. The other problem with this though, is that the lighting outputs a lot of heat in the room, and our electric bill is…

State of the Blog: Summer 2013

For the months of June to July, blog posts will pretty much be nonexistent. If there are any, it’ll be very few and far between.

  1. Too few people visit our site, which means there’s no money being generated from this. We’ll try to work on the content curation and generation once the summer is over.
  2. We’ve been having server issues, that still aren’t resolved. Can’t even connect to our own site without a proxy. Calling our hosting server only results in busy dial tones.
  3. It’s the summer, and while everyone’s trying to rush over to the beaches, we’re…

Testing China’s Journalistic Limits

One of the things I follow is the portrayal of Chinese in American media. Well, this French short basically shows you a bunch of Hollywood tricks in the bag, and just throws it all out at you. Yes, with stereotypical Straw-hat and bucktooth “Chinese” included. Just minus the queue.

Duku Spacemarines from La Mécanique Du Plastique on Vimeo.

Popcorn and a Movie, Anyone?

We plan on getting into video podcasting some day, and this will make things very interesting…

Updating Videos

At some point, we realized that a lot of the TEDTalk Videos featured on the site didn’t fit well with the themes used. So we switched a lot of them to youtube. Some, we just didn’t even bother with at all. Now, they’ve switched from using a Flash Player, to HTML5, which is much more easier to scale. If you scour through the site, and either notice an old embed code (using flash) for any of these videos, let us know.