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As 蕭若元 (Stephen Shiu) said it in his late program 風也蕭蕭:

“To cultivate an independent thought, and critical thought. This is the best assurance to human freedom.”

We here and Congkering Path like Freedom too, but everywhere you look, it’s slowly being taken away from you.

Since knowledge is power, then we’re going to arm ourselves with the best out there. So we scour through hundreds of articles, to get past the noise, and straight to the information: How does it affect us today, what might it mean tomorrow, and how did we get here?

We’ll present this either through our blogs, or audio and video podcasts.

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Originally registered in February 23, 2007 (Friday, 6th Day of Chinese New Year) as “Congkering Path D.B.A.“, the original intention was to become an independent film productions company. Unfortunately, the site laid stagnant without much changes all the way until March 23, 2011, when the servers were allowed to expire.

The current incarnation of Congkering Path is a series of blog posts organized into specific topics (Some exclusively in English, and some mostly in Chinese). This started out on July 28, 2011.

Future Trajectory of Congkering Path:

  1. Consistently-released Podcasts.
  2. Films –still haven’t given up yet!


  1. Why CONGKERING Path?

    The owner of this site is very proud of his family origins, and thus it would be appropriate to incorporate his family name 龔 “Cong”. A family with a rich history, escaping the scorches of two wars across three generations, crossing the ocean to new countries, new frontiers, in hope of a better life. Starting from scratch, conquering all odds, we take command of our fate, forging a path to a better life. This is the “Congkering Path” –A portmanteau of “Cong + Conquering”.

  2. We noticed you can actually access this site using a www.CongkeringPath.com and www.0path.com. Why is that?

    We figured it was too long to type CongkeringPath.com into your browser, so on a play on words, 0 has a Korean pronounciation of 공, which is how 龔 is pronounced. In Cantonese, 0 (零) and Command (令) are also homophones. Hence, 道 (Congkering Path). Yeah, it was long and drawn out, but there’s a logic to this.

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