Working Hard? Or Hardly Working?
NKers learning more about the world, changing their own world views through news they find on the internet. Obviously, this was an order by “Big Daddy” KJU.

Argh…! I was at work during the webcast!!!!

Thanks for the downloadable report at least!

This sounds like I need some sort of work-life balance. Enter: “Worthwhile life” in DPRK. Clearly, this is proven by history.
Really? How does the lifestyle compare to working for the ROK Finance Ministry?

“Dear colleagues. Thanks for your hard work today. It’s time to go home.”

That’s the announcement staff at South Korea’s finance ministry have been hearing at 5.30pm every day this week, a Big Brother approach to doing something about Korea’s problem with overwork.

And they appear to be serious about it.

What would the people within Juche Paradise have to say about such work ethics? Is there an app for this?


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