Incentives to Hire

Mentioned in passing in a previous post, the refugee unemployment rate in South Korea is higher than compared to the rest of South Korea. So what does the government propose to do? Create a law that gives money to employers who hire refugees.

This law includes training for refugees; adding up calculations from the Unification Ministry and the Ministry of Employment and Labor, they’re going to put in a total of 200-billion Won, into labor training programs.

This law is not without criticism though. Some say training programs are not enough, and doesn’t get to the heart of the prejudices that the refugees face in employment. Since most refugees can’t stay at a job for more than 3 years, people are proposing a 18-million Won incentive to employers for hiring and keeping a North Korean refugee for at least 3 years, by paying them after the 3-year mark, instead of when they are hired.

Other criticisms, is that there aren’t enough programs for South Korean employers to know about the issues surrounding their Northern refugee brethren. There should be specific training programs for employers, to know about hiring practices and issues in refugee employment.

Affirmative Action based off of race/region may be filled with good intentions, but with time, usually becomes a crutch towards acceptance, due to differing views on “equality”. Has anyone ever thought of changing affirmative Affirmative Action by income threshold to see how things change?


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