KPA Wants to Streak You…

… With a phallic symbol. Or rather, it’s rumored that North Korea wants to buy a bunch of American-made MQM-107D drones from Syria. (

These drones (specifically, the “Streaker”) are made by Raytheon, have a length of 5.5m (18ft), with a 3m (9.8ft) wingspan, maximum velocity of 925km/h (574.8 miles), and can reach a service ceiling of 12190m (7.6 miles).

I wonder if this drone purchase was made in exchange for giving military-rationed 500,000tons of rice? In any case, they’ll need as much food as they can get, to hopefully stay warm during this extreme cold. (So cold, -21 degrees in Pyongyang on the 3rd.

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And for a look at Next week’s weather:

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