Water-cooling Missiles. Or not.


An inside source who visited Pyongyang at the end of last month said in a phone interview with the Daily NK today, “People previously had no supplies of water so didn’t have drinking water and could not go to the bathroom without difficulty, but now that there are heating problems too the people are inevitably leaving their homes. This year, many people are locking their homes and leaving for warmer places.”

The source said, “When I went to Pyongyang just three years ago, the people still stayed in their apartments even without heat, but now half of them are gone, they went to East Pyongyang where the pre-1980s homes are heated with charcoal briquettes.”

The source added, “Even until last year, the residents in these apartments spent the whole winter season there with cotton blankets on the floor all day long, filling pint bottles with hot water to warm their blankets when they slept…”

Among many North Korean people, the situation is such that the letter ‘ㄹ’ has come to be ridiculed, with people saying that they suffer from a particular lack of words that have the letter ‘ㄹ’ in them, for example, water (‘물’), fire/electric (‘불’), and rice (‘쌀’).

Reminds me of my apartment complex at the end of November. We didn’t have hot water for 2 days, so I took my hot showers at work. As cold as the water was, it still came through. At least the water still worked, and the pipes weren’t frozen.

Why would you want to stop nuclear missile tests for food aid? When they can use water-cooling around the missile launchpads. Cools the surround area, while allowing you to easily test your missiles:

Or maybe they can defect to the South. Not bad, considering a recent poll citing 7/10 defectors are happy with their lives in the South. The 3/10 being bullied at school, and the ones who can’t find work, and have 3x the unemployment rate compared to their Southern brethren… Well… We’re working on that.


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