What a Return!

If you haven’t noticed, there’s pretty much only one person that maintains most of the articles on this site, and he had to go out for a week, due to his “normal job”. Of course, what happens when he returns? Our site is hacked! We’ve done as much security measures to beef things up, but unfortunately these things do happen. We’ve noticed that visitation to the site has dramatically dropped as well, as a result of this one week absence. So to make up for things, we managed to put up the following articles today:

  1. Government Cover-ups
  2. Chinese Parenting
  3. A Response to “Should the U.S. Keep Selling Arms to Taiwan?”
  4. Dogs Vs Whales
  5. Luxury Imports Up!
  6. Study on Job Training for North Korean Refugees
  7. Laotians in PyongYang
  8. PRC and DPRK PLAN Exchange 2

If you think due to the sheer volume of such articles, that the quality of work has gone down, or if you’ve always thought the quality of work has never been good at all, please join us and help out! We’d definitely appreciate it here.

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