Study on Job Training for North Korean Refugees
Legistlative Representative Chu, Ho-Young, did a study on job training for North Korean refugees. Despite training from the government on how to look for jobs, the employment rate among refugees from the North is still lowering. Refugees participating in economic activities have dropped 7% in comparison to December 2008’s 49.6%, while their employment rate went from 44.9% to 38.7%.

By sector:

  • Manufacturing: 1.5% received training, and 46.2% were hired.
  • Crafts: 3.6% received training, and 38.7% were hired.
  • Medical: 4.5% received training, and close to 41% were hired.
  • 70.8% got their jobs through private connections, while 19.4% had to submit resumes and go through interviews.


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