House Demolition and Other Constructions

Every time I hear protests about people in the rural areas getting their houses demolished by local governments, and protesting in vain, I always think back to I-710. For years, this highway couldn’t be built because most people in that area didn’t want it there. From what I can tell, everyone in China that is told to move, doesn’t want to. Yet their houses are always demolished, and they are lucky if they get any compensation. Or if they do, it’s nowhere near adequate to buy land elsewhere and build a new house. As a result, not only do people lose their homes and the land they’ve lived on for generations, but they also fall into deep urban poverty, and are knee-deep in debt.

Why the difference? 奸商狗官 (Sly Merchants and their Leashed Government Officials) are everywhere, even in the US, but how is it that these people can succeed at such a scale in China? I suspect, it’s because the big businesses in this country generally go for the big government (aka The Feds), whatever happens seems somewhat far from the people, and a lot of underhanded things go unnoticed, because we don’t pay much attention to them. “Out of sight, out of mind”, and to a certain extent, 天高皇帝遠 (“Heaven is really high, and the emperor is far away”). In China however, it seems that the businesses have successfully entrenched themselves with local governments, so that even when Central government initiatives come out from BeiJing, they can be interpreted any which way, and by the time it gets to the local governments, people get screwed over. Once again, 天高皇帝遠, and when the people don’t get any coverage over these issues, it becomes “Out of sight, out of mind”.

See? Race is just skin-deep! Deep down, we’re all one human race!


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