State of the Blog + Resolutions: 2017

Time. Not enough.

  • Too much other priorities that have taken away from this blog.
  • Podcast preparation was time-consuming.

My bad. What does this all mean? Well, the first bullet issues are winding down, so that’s good. The second part is the most crucial:

  1. Most of the content on this blog was following news (time-sensitive), and regurgitating or simply commenting on the information. Sadly, we don’t have the same amount of resources professional news organizations command to bring out the news first.
  2. Listenership was flat, and there wasn’t anything unique to provide anyone. The news commentaries just weren’t good enough, or fast enough to be worth anyone’s time.
  3. Content, when it was available doled on too long.

So where do we go from here? We need to veer away from time-sensitive information, and cover topics that can be viewed at any time. Or at least dramatically reduce the amount of time spent on time-sensitive portions of the podcast. Plus, we will take snippets of the “timeless” information and spin them off into separate videos.

We’re going to resurrect a podcast that we’ve laid hidden in the shadows: More on that in the future. It’s gone through several iterations:

  1. Two guys simply recounting old stories, while trying to deal with things that are going on with their lives.
  2. A Two-men mastermind group.

The project was put on pause, and honestly, listenership isn’t a huge concern. That podcast will be resurrected by the end of next month. The mastermind group format will be maintained, if not with two people, it will go one as a one-person podcast regardless.

For the 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money), we will continue to deliver weekly commentaries on finance news, however, the emphasis will be put on persons and personalities, rather than simply covering news.

For 동북아경 (N.E.A.T.), the idea will be to only mention a couple of main news for the week, and become dramatically shortened to one minute lists of news and updates. Other than that, we’ll have to find new ways to cover the opaque Northeast Asian country. How that will happen is yet to be determined, and we’ll have to slowly experiment our way with this.

For 華山論劍, by the end of the year, we hope to start a podcast for this. It won’t necessarily cover current events, but will be more “timeless”. People can watch news about American current events easily, even outside of the US. What people need to know is how the history has set up current events, and how things have changed. It will be in Cantonese, but will include English subtitles.

For 《土曜氣概》 “שַׁבָּת θυμός (Saturday Thumos), it will go from a free-format podcast with no set subject, to set weekly subjects. The format however, will still be relatively free for now. Changes will be made accordingly.

These are all contingent of course on obtaining a reliable internet connection in the new studio. If that will not be the case, other arrangements will be made.

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