2016: A Slow Return From a Long Hiatus

So, in the past couple months, I’ve had some changing priorities with this blog. As you can see, I haven’t really been blogging, sadly. Most of the blogs have come from reading news, and then putting down occasional comments, and if it’s just right, sometimes, I might have some gold nuggets to actually contribute. However, the news gathering itself was usually a six to eight-hour ordeal, and oftentimes much longer. most of the comments I’ve had was via sharing articles I’ve come across on social media. but it’s hard to add more commentary, on top of commentary that is already insightful.

As a result, this blog has become more of a channel for some of the podcasts that I have hosted. To be honest, that was the vision from the beginning was to steer it towards this direction, and to move into more audio and especially video. There are some logistics issues with that, but regardless of whether or not the logistics of gather other hosts to do a podcast, or writers for a post, or even if it’s a matter of getting the equipment, I have to wonder if the content is worth absorbing.

Currently, no matter if it’s the blog posts, or if it’s the podcasts, I’ve come at it from more of a summarisation angle. Like an editor, who sifts through and chooses articles. Then maybe with an occasional OP-Ed style commentary —at least that’s the goal. The attempt is not to be the fact-checking journalist, I’ve never been trained in the field, and don’t attempt to have much journalistic integrity. What I do have, are a particular set of skills…

Which really can be summed up with either:

  1. Going off the rails, and sounding incoherent
  2. Boring you to death

Regardless, the blog posts will return, although frequency cannot be guaranteed, until we can find people who have similar interests with current event news and politics. Usually, if you’re a reporter, you’re already working for a media organization where they’re actually paying you. If you work for the government, you already have a job, and are probably barred from writing on here. If you’re an academic, apparently, I need to find a way to hang out with you guys, while not offending you with the way I say things. Ah… Social graces!

In the meantime, once we move into a new location, the podcasts on hiatus will return, and we will definitely see more coming soon.


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