Hallow’s Day Update

On Halloween, we managed to put up our latest podcast. But best of all, we also got it up on iTunes (https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/n.e.a.t.-dongbug-agyeong/id933590779?mt=2)!
So that’s a huge achievement! Sure, we’re working out a lot of the details on how to get the META Data correct on there, but hey, at least we’re up, and you have another avenue to subscribe to us.

Another small thing to note, is the theme that we’re using NEAT and The China Bash had issues with showing the date. It would show you today’s date, instead of the date of the post. We fixed that. It’s always the little things… Next thing on our menu is to add a tiny social web subscribe menu –the post “share” menu has been updated with a few Chinese-based sites, thanks to Duncan. It used to be available with previous themes we used, but we need something more permanent no matter what theme we switch to.

Good thing is, we got some new equipment, and using new software. So there’s still some getting used to, but things are going good.

Happy All Hallow’s Day!Where are the unsold Halloween candy is sold at a heavy discount!!!

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