Studio Set-Up: Foundation

Folks! Things are progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless. We’ve just set up our desk. The next step after this, is to get the proper equipment. New computer, monitor, lights, audio and video mixer. Here’s how it looks…
table from afar
Look at that prestine glass…
higher view of table

Notice however, the table is on jacks:
table on jacks
The idea to do that was from this set of Instructions:
But in an earthquake-prone area, this would be unstable. So, plans were held off. Until, we found these plans:
Not that much better at securing the table, but it’s better than nothing!

For health reasons, we went with a standing desk to combat fatigue from standing. Plus, we got a tiny elliptical machine as well, and it forces us to move once in a while. To be honest, we really wanted to get a stool for resting, but this area doesn’t allow that. Maybe when we move into a bigger area some day. For now, we’re just satisfied that we’re well on our way to achieving our goals.

Also, don’t forget to check out our last podcast, and wait for the upcoming release for tomorrow!

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