Studio Lighting

We’ve been on a “Broadcast Now” marathon lately, and having watched TWiT‘s “Know How”, Epidsode 46 on how Tom Merritt sets up his studio:

What pretty much was consistent with all these guys, was that they used a lot of big, bright lights. However, staring at bright lights for extended amounts of time can’t be good for you. The other problem with this though, is that the lighting outputs a lot of heat in the room, and our electric bill is going to skyrocket. So we were wondering, is there a more natural way light up a scene? And there is:

The problem this solution though, is if you really have to know how to manipulate the camera, which no one here does. Then, there’s the fact that unlike the shots that were set up, there will actually be a bit of movement here. Those models just posed and stayed put. So we’ll have to see how this will work with the future studio.

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