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Discussions about China’s relation to the world. How China sees itself, and the world, and how the world sees China.

State of the Blog: Summer 2013

For the months of June to July, blog posts will pretty much be nonexistent. If there are any, it’ll be…continue reading


So we’re going with a slightly new format. Rather than separating things by categories, we’ll start to use subdomains. As…continue reading

Fishing Statement

Watching the latest episode of “Tech News Today“, Live right now, and they brought up some pretty good stuff from…continue reading

Challenging Denial A month after camera company Nikon Corp. cancelled a photo exhibit on wartime Korean “comfort women,” a judge has…continue reading

-1 For Hong Kong When one conjures up the dark, shadowy world of interrogation and torture associated with “extraordinary rendition”, the neon glow…continue reading

肉靈芝 TV station female reporter mistakes men’s masturbation toy as lingzhi mushroom On June 17th, Xi’an TV’s “Xi’an Up Close”…continue reading

101 East : China: Unnatural Selection

In light of recent events, this is a good video to take a look at: Brought to you by:

挺一子計劃生育政策:禽獸不如 So because a woman couldn’t afford a 40,000RMB fine, these government officials dragged her to the hospital, and induced…continue reading

College For You Too!

Watch College Inc. on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE. Did you go to one of these blood-sucking colleges that didn’t…continue reading

Butt-hurt Over Air

After The Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People’s Republic of China accused a foreign consulate’s publishing of Chinese air…continue reading