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通常兩廣指:廣東+廣西,但係我哋呢度指嘅係「兩個廣東話Podcasts」: 首先由今年四月十七日試播嘅: 《土曜氣概》 同埋 今日出嘅: 《碎銀滴》 《土曜氣概》由我同埋 篋/神- 所主持嘅自由傾談節目。絕非廣播標準,冇正式格式,天馬行空,若有不滿之處,有怪模怪! 《碎銀滴》係《向錢汗》旗下嘅【小podcast】由本弟 單刀匹馬主持。週一到週五,每日一集。然後再同 篋/神- 雙劍合壁,用英文主持返《向錢汗》(Sweatin’ Money)。 你或者會問: 「何必呢?」 好簡單:因為可以。 Usually when you…continue reading

2016: A Slow Return From a Long Hiatus

So, in the past couple months, I’ve had some changing priorities with this blog. As you can see, I haven’t…continue reading

Samson MXP124 Unboxing

Hey, we just got a new tool to use in our studio, and here’s the unboxing!

Testing China’s Journalistic Limits

One of the things I follow is the portrayal of Chinese in American media. Well, this French short basically shows…continue reading

Popcorn and a Movie, Anyone?

We plan on getting into video podcasting some day, and this will make things very interesting…

Where Journalism Is Heading

New Media like is very exciting, in that it’s doing the same thing traditional media has, but for a…continue reading

Defection Reduction and Journalism Academy

Due to previous border intensifications, defector numbers have dropped by 43%: The number of North Korean defectors to South…continue reading

Newly-built Changjon Primary School Open The bell rang. It was the first class at the newly built Changjon Primary School. Pupils laid bouquets before…continue reading

Fishing Statement

Watching the latest episode of “Tech News Today“, Live right now, and they brought up some pretty good stuff from…continue reading

Summer Love! Now that the sun is out, it seems like nice weather to have a wedding in Pyongyang’s newly re-opened…continue reading