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State of the Blog: January-May 2014

This blog was lucky enough to catch Chang, Song-Thaek’s purge, right after the autumn lull. This time, we’re entering another…continue reading

State of the Blog: Fall 2013

This blog will be back on hiatus until December. During this time. There aren’t enough people available to help out…continue reading

Studio Lighting

We’ve been on a “Broadcast Now” marathon lately, and having watched TWiT‘s “Know How”, Epidsode 46 on how Tom Merritt…continue reading

State of the Blog: Summer 2013

For the months of June to July, blog posts will pretty much be nonexistent. If there are any, it’ll be…continue reading

Updating Videos

At some point, we realized that a lot of the TEDTalk Videos featured on the site didn’t fit well with…continue reading

Film Riot Suggestions

Big fan of what Ryan and Josh Connolly do at Film Riot: I went ahead and added the links Ryan…continue reading


Here’s a recent TEDTalk on Remixing, by Kirby Ferguson: On a side note, if you want, you can watch entire…continue reading

Documentary: “Controlling the Web”

Watching the latest episode of “Tech News Today“, Live right now, and they brought up some pretty good stuff from…continue reading


So we’re going with a slightly new format. Rather than separating things by categories, we’ll start to use subdomains. As…continue reading

$8-billion iPod

Laws like PIPA and SOPA may have been stopped, but this is a long fight between the MPAA+RIAA and the…continue reading