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State of the Blog + Resolutions: 2017

Time. Not enough. Barriers: Too much other priorities that have taken away from this blog. Podcast preparation was time-consuming. My…continue reading

State of the Blog: Summer 2016

Blogs… Still not enough entries. Podcast selections: Increasing, and in more languages than English. Original podcast: Still don’t have the…continue reading

N.E.A.T. Pause!

Yesterday, on the 58th episode of N.E.A.T., we announced that we would have to stop the podcast, due to heavy…continue reading

New Podcast: 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money)

NEW PODCAST! Recorded yesterday, just released earlier. Please subscribe 向錢汗 (Sweatin’ Money) It’s not on iTunes yet, but we do…continue reading

This Is Why We Do It!

A Kind of a Show from Jason Headley on Vimeo.

Hallow’s Day Update

On Halloween, we managed to put up our latest podcast. But best of all, we also got it up on…continue reading

State of the Blog: SEP-DEC2014

We’ve somewhat fixed the issue of the “sign-up” page popping up. However, sometimes, some posts you try to get to…continue reading

Studio Set-Up: Foundation

Folks! Things are progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless. We’ve just set up our desk. The next step after this, is…continue reading

Milestone 1:

Thank you! We’ve reached an important milestone 2 days ago, by releasing our first podcast! Please check it out! Just…continue reading

State of the Blog: May-June 2014

Bit of a lull for all our blogs. We know what’s missing, and we’re working on it. There’s only so…continue reading