Government Cover-ups
Government cover-ups happen all the time! In the US, you have the Iran–Contra affair, the My Lai Massacre, The Roman Catholic sex abuse cases, Watergate, and most egregiously the CIA’s introduction of cocaine to the African-American Community, and the FBI’s assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I’m sure there are many others.

I’m not trying to say who has more cover-ups, but that all governments have tons of embarrassing things they wouldn’t want their people to know. What does this mean? Maybe we should start overthrowing governments.

Now, there seems to be a little cover-up with Uighurs in XinJiang again. This time, it’s regarding 15 people, kidnapping 2 herders, and a shootout resulting with 7 shot dead, with 4 wounded. The Chinese say they were crossing into Pakistan, to “get their jihad on”. However, 2 of the 7 killed were women, and there were 4 minors amongst the group:
So because there wasn’t a giant crowd involved, you don’t see it on the major news networks. The question is, “Really? Women and kids really want to ‘get their Jihad on’?” I mean, if the government authorities want us to believe this is true, then it’s pretty bad when women and children are fighting for the Jihadists against you.


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